You wake up before dawn, and so do our farmers - to ensure that they are providing the freshest, highest quality milk possible for your newborn's formula. They put a lot of love into raising 100% grass fed cows the way nature intended so that your little one gets only the best.
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Here's the Scoop

No more digging! Once you've opened the formula, make use of our ingeniously handy scoop clip.

100% Grass Fed Milk

Milk from grass fed cows has high levels of Vitamin A & E, and contains the proper balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. Naturally, our 100% grass fed milk is GMO free, rBGH free, and antibiotic free.

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Healthy, Happy Cows

The cows on our farms roam freely on pasture 365 days a year, the way nature intended. They are milked once or twice per day, and the milk is GMO and growth hormone free. We provide healthy and happy lives for our 100% grass fed cows because it’s the right thing to do- and we believe it's what's best for your baby.

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Ultimate Freshness.
Premium Quality.

Located in the temperate and sunny Canterbury region of New Zealand, our farms are located within a 112 km radius of where our formula is made. This allows us to pick up the milk daily, ensuring ultimate freshness and premium quality.

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Nutrition Information

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Family on the field

"I am writing to say many thanks to Munchkin… We are 5 days into using the formula and WHAT A MIRACLE IT IS."